[Locative Media] A2B: geo-url like software

A2B seems to be the new geo-url like tool to find websites by geographic position. It also allows mobile searching with free GPS software.

With A2B you can search for the websites nearest to any location on Earth. Any location on Earth? That's right. Every place on the Earth's surface has a latitude and longitude position associated with it. As long as we know the latitude and longitude of the place you want to search with, A2B will find the nearest websites.

Nearest websites? Indeed. Just like any other search engine, A2B returns the websites most relevant to your search. With A2B, the nearest website to the place you're searching comes up first, then the next-nearest, and so on. A2B tells you how far each website is away from where you're searching, and in what direction.

Can A2B tell me what's near where I am right now? Absolutely. If you have a GPS device, you can use our free GPS software, GPSCookie, and search automatically.  GPSCookie works on Windows machines and Pocket PC PDAs - it's great fun if you have a mobile internet connection. You can also search manually by typing in your position if you know your latitude and longitude - there are various ways of finding this out.