[Life Hack] Why bloging a course?

This page explains why a postgrad student chose to blog his course. It offers interesting insights about how blogs could be use to support project management for students.

Like almost every other student, I take notes, furious notes, during class time. I spend a lot of time with my laptop open in front of me, typing away. I don't get a lot of synthesis and analysis time. That's what the blog is for. I use it to rewrite my notes, and in doing so, I reconstruct what I've learned for myself. It's a great tool for learning because I have to basically teach/explain what I've just learned to people that weren't there and who may or may not have any context for what it is I'm talking about.

Has blogging helped you increase your learning network? (Who replies to your blog entries? How has it affected your relationship with your classmates? With your instructors?)

One thing that is interesting about blogging my classes is that other students and professors are aware of it and react in different ways. Some find it great, others, an intrusion on their privacy. The opinion has even been expressed that this information is ours, it belongs to the graduate students and faculty of CMU, and that I shouldn't be posting any of it. And there is some truth to that, although no blog entry is ever going to completely capture the experience of going to school and sitting in classes. There is so much that goes uncaptured. And, truthfully, there have been a few things I've learned that I have kept to myself, that I don't blog. I occasionally feel that something I learn is mine to hold onto and not share with my readers.

Do you find any limitations with current blogging software features and functions? (If you could change/add some features, what would they be?)

Dan: RSS readers, in general, take away from the interactivity of blogs. There's no easy way to incorporate comments into the xml feed, so that cuts down on the comments you get. I got more comments when I was on Blogger and didn't have an RSS feed like I do now with MovableType. There is a way to do this, but it isn't easy and the comments don't display with the feed itself.