[Research] Location telling in mobile phone

The topic of location telling in mobile phone conversation is always compelling and relevant for my research. I just found this paper called "Location: a socially dynamic property — a study of location telling in mobile phone calls" by Ilkka Arminen. It is basically a study of how people formulate their whereabouts and why. THe authors also intends to complement Eric Laurier's paper "why people say where they are during mobile phone calls".

The location of co-conversationalist is commonly relevant during mobile phone conversation. However, the location is not discussed and does not appear to be relevant in geographical terms. The location is done relevant by the activies parties are involved. Joint activities make relevant spatio-temporal location, such as distance in minutes from the meeting point via the vehicle used.

The precursor for any mutual communication is interactional availability, and the proximal location may have become relevant as a constraint, such as being on a dinner table or toilet. Extended discussions of location concern mainly its socio-emotional sense, such as biographical meaning, place where marriage proposal was done, etc. To put it other way round, the strict geographical location is relevant for mobile conversationalists only on few instances, such as instructing somebody on how to find place x (and even that may require further explanations). The design of location sensitive devices and applications should take into account that pure geographical location is rarely of users’ interest.