[Research] Methodology to analyze mobile activity

Experience clip: Method for user participation and evaluation of mobile concepts by Isomursu M, Kuutti K & Väinämö S (2004) in Proc. Eigth Biennal Participatory Design Conference 2004, Toronto, Canada, 83-92.

This paper describes experiences from using a field testing technique for collecting user experience information for evaluating mobile applications used in everyday life. Our technique is based on the usage of mobile camera phones that are used for capturing video and audio during the use of the mobile application. The users helped researchers in collecting user experience material by shooting the video clips themselves. To our surprise they also started to participate actively by presenting "miniplays" in the clips to make their point clear. Our results show that with this technique we can get richer emotional material and more versatile usage situations than with traditional observation methods, and additionally there is clearly a yet unexplored potential to develop a more systematic design method around participation.