[Prospective] Next2004: a conference in Denmark

There is tomorrow a smart conference/exhibition in Denmark about prospective and forecast. it is called NEXT2004. (Nordic Exceptional Trendshop). There will be cool speakerts like Alex, people from medialab europe and interaction design institute.

The new currency is time. Technology of tomorrow will address people of all ages and is actually not all that technical. The reasons to buy technology are not very financial either, we all have sufficient funds to take on almost any new device. No, what really entices people to buy, use, display, wear or even eat technology is that is gives you extra time. We buy technology to have more time for the things that really matter to us. We buy technology to put more meaning into every minute possible of our existence. So, instead of making products, we should be making sense. NEXT2004 examines coming technology as applied to products and devices we come across in all stages of our lives. On December 1st, Inventors and researchers alike present a host of spectacular applications of technology. All of which are selected for their spectacular quality and for their likeliness to delineate a coming range of products. For better overview, entries are placed in four categories, one for each corner of our existence. On December 2nd we open up the exhibition for the general public and students.