[Research] Ubicomp and scifi

Science fiction already dealt with ubiquitous computing, it seems that some university classes addresses this issue. metamanda have put a brief follow-up of her class' examples. I think the topic deserve an entire book! I am wondering if some paperwork deals with scifi and HCI... anybody here knows a good reference?

-MIB2 -- badass car: AI, communications. -james bond, i robot. -- sooo many movies have the self-driving car. voice rec. cell phones now do voice rec. -star trek, the wrath of khan: location awareness. the computer address him personally where he is. (through the communicator?) - crichton(?) book. flying cameras. distributed sensing, compile big picture from many limited cameras. there are real calls for paper along those lines. - invisible sensors in clothing. adjust warmth. (that would be great... though layers give you more fashion opportunities) - i robot: robots. no specialized machines, robots (AI) can do just about anything. walk up and use, no learning. japan big on home assistants. - holographic display. (matrix 2) people were actually in a mini-matrix. - rfid tags for refrigerators, kitchen. antibiotics automatically deposited in old milk. (ew) so no need for expiration date. (um... antibiotics aren't good for you.) - blade runner(the book) pkd. replicants. mood change on demand. artificial pets. - i robot. again. heads up display. - the 6th day (arnie)... human cloning. mirror display. machine says happy birthday (what are the emotional effects of that? does it make you feel good to get an automated happy birthday?) - i robot. human dependence on their machines. 30 years? (yeah, right) - roger moore james bond... 3x the size digital watch. existenz... bio-mechanical console, plug into spine, your world shifts into the game, blending, smooth transition. overlays onto existing world is an interesting idea. newer one: invisible aston martin. his own idea: fridge with screen... show you what's in there. (save electricity... but how much does the display use?) - back to the future #2 (i am soo old): multiple tv displays, fruit tray retracts into ceiling, fingerprinting to get into house, video conferencing. - advanced prosthetics, invisible suit (reflecting the right color) - back to the future. shoes and jackets. shoes fit yr feet (heh... i thought it was cuz the 80s are in again.) teleconferencing... goggles for privacy. (nice) - simpsons halloween episode: 2001 spoof. omnipresent computer in house, choose pierce brosnan personality. scent. dinner... knows favorite foods by analyzing their shit. homer's BAC. then becomes possessive of marge. - the matrix. base premise... ubiquitous computing (gone very very wrong!) with computers totally in control, and people with none. ultimate ex. of being in the periphery, because you're utterly deceived as to their presence. (nice.... what *is* ubiquitous computing) is it virtual reality if there's nothing else? - demolition man. utopian non-violent society... throw in a villain, and a cop to catch him. computer system monitors (obscenity monitor). prints ticket on nearest printer. - AI. robots... everything feels like the 90s except the robots. no special technology visible. the future: robots have inherited the world. molecular robots (nano). - 2001. HAL. chess thought to be hard and speech easy, but it's actually the reverse. - 5th element. pessimistic about ubicomp... not going to do quite what you want. cameras don't function. the car theme.... tells you how many points are on yr license (auto detected infractions). what appeal system would you need for this? realistic depiction of user frustration. - me: code 46 - fairy tales: from bonnie nardi's book. movies from 75 years ago: teleconferencing, robots, etc. HP video: car knows location of nearest repair shop when it breaks... and they know to expect him. (that's cool). they took down the clip because it's been done. Ray Kurzweil: age of spiritual machines. wearable computing (talks to him). - gattaca: invalids vs genetically altered. check id a lot. - ghost in the shell: electronic brain (external cognition. cool)