[Research] Combining log data and qualitative methods

A CHI2005 workshop that might be relevant for my research: Usage analysis: Combining logging and qualitative methods

a combination of (event) logging approaches and qualitative measurements seems promising. Most current logging methods focus mainly on usability or usage evaluations through rule-based (e.g. by guidelines) or model-based (e.g. GOMS models) analyses or simply provide summary statistics. These methods are not applicable for other goals than usability evaluations or creating general overviews of usage. To study the usage of services more thoroughly (e.g. gain insight in social structures of logged communication or explore temporal behavioral patterns) other methods are needed. Furthermore one would like to combine the results of log studies with more qualitative results from e.g. questionnaires or the experience sampling method, to fully understand the meaning of the measurements. We therefore propose an integrated approach of log studies combined with qualitative studies as the most fruitful approach for future usability and usage research.