[Weird] Nice Children beliefs

I used to believe is full of children beliefs website.

As a young child I used to believe that if my belly button knot came untied, my skin would fall off. (...) When I was little, I would always wake up with snot in my nose. I thought that in the night a guy would come in my house and stick boogers up my nose. (...) I use to think that sanitary pads were adult diapers and that was why no adults ever peed in there pants. (...) I used to believe that when I peed, if I could fill up the entire toilet bowl with bubbles I was protecting my family for 1 more day from burglars. (...) I used to believe that the handicapped signs in parking lots was someone on a toilet. (...) i used to think that the road sign "dangerous" was actually "dang-er-roos" a kind of bouncy marsupial