[Prospective] Battelle's predictions for 2005

John Battelle's predictions for 2005. Among all, I find some interesting (or, I consider those as possible with regard to my current knowledge):

  1. 2005 may be a more fractious year in the blogosphere : We will have a goat rodeo of sorts in the blogging/micropublishing/RSS world as commercial interests push into what many consider a "pure medium.
  2. By the end of the year, the world will begin to realize that "blogs" are in fact an extraordinarily heterogeneous ecosystem comprised of scores, if not hundreds, of different "types" of sites.
  3. Google will do something major with Blogger. I really have no idea what, but it's overdue
  4. Yahoo and Google will both test systems that combine local merchant inventory information with search, so that merchants can use search as a direct sales channel
  5. A third party platform player with major economies of scale (ie eBay or Amazon) will release a search related innovation that blows everyone's mind
  6. Google will introduce Video search at some point in 05, but it will stay in Labs.
  7. Mobile will finally be plugged into the web in a way that makes sense for the average user and a major mobile innovation

Let's see...