[Locative Media] geourl is back!

It seems that geourl is back from the grave: geourl reloaded! Update: after hubert's comment, I checked if it's related to geo-url and it's indeed something different did by other people (thanks joshua for the update).

Update 2: Hubert found the real author of geourl.info, it's Daniel Schaller:

Many amongst us bloggers know the the service www.geourl.org. It offered a way to register your blog in a directory for certain geographical coordinates. Furthermore, there was a way to get a list of other blogs which are near to your blog.

However, for what reason ever, since May/June this year, the service is down for renovations and has not relaunched yet so far. Since I liked the idea of this services and I realized that others do as well, I was setting up a re-making of it, which I have launched at the URL http://www.geourl.info now.

Please feel free and register your blog and tell your blog buddies to register their site, too.