[Prospective] Did IBM make no effort?

A Wall Street Journal columnist argues that IBM should have made an effort to innovate rather than selling its PC unit to the chinese. The author describe how they could have improved the PC. One of the option would be to deal with portability:

Like many people, I have several PCs in my life--and I constantly need to ask such ridiculous questions as, "Where did I leave the latest version of that file? By what clumsy method should I move it from where it is to where it's needed?" Such questions are like asking "Where did I leave the starter crank for my Huppmobile?" If you have to ask, your (formerly) hot-shot machine is ready for the folk-art museum. (...) IBM might have done well selling PCs with built-in "transparent information sharing." As soon as you connected such a machine to the Internet, all your electronic documents would immediately be available--no matter where you created or last worked on them.