[Research] Refreshing meeting with Stefano and Francesco

Something like a "100Gb evening” (see paul baron's definition) meeting with stefano mastrogiacomo and francesco cara. - write up your position in a short paper - when you think about the task: is the weight of the task equal (does one participant has to do all the job?) - grounding = process of incrementally adding knowledge into the person's stack of knowledge - list all the coordination keys/devices (cf. herbert clark) in catchbob - model catchbob's task with Clark's term (task, common goal...coordination keys, coordination strategies= keys put together) - I can try to test 2 conditions: one with a 3 minute discussion before the game and another without. Good to test the division of labor, and the importance of a plan before entering into a joint action. - francesco was wondering about whether there could be a "freerider effect" in catchbob. I answered no because: they have to collaborate to complete the task and the reward is the same for all. - what is awareness in catchbob? it is both location awareness (positions) and drawings/comments - a "think aloud" protocol? by individuals? that can be useful to access to players' minds + to enrich the replay - an audio communication channel in the game: so that we can test what information went from the screen to the audio + what goes on what channel + how the "least collaborative effort principle" applies. - allow permanent annotation? to see what they decide to keep as a footprint like in a social navigation system.