[Research] Self-confrontation to the replay in our experiments

In our experiments, we are using a self-confrontation to the replay of the game. Players are shown the path they took and I ask them few questions ranging from very open at the beginning to more specific at the end. The point is to get information about they inferred the partners strategies. As you can see, our methodology is a kind of field experiment. The self confrontation here is not meant to rebuild all the activity as in an explicitation interview.

  1. Open questions at the beginning
    1. how was it? did you enjoy it?
    2. how did you coordinate? what was your strategy?
    3. did you understand what your partners wanted to do/where they wanted to go?
    4. was there any conflictual moments? how was it solved? what was the outcome?
    5. any moment where you were lost?
  2. Replay (5-6 times)
    1. what happened here?
    2. ask A if he/she understood what B was doing at that time
    3. ask B if what A said is right
  3. Summary – synthesis
    1. how did you knew the partner’s strategy?
    2. how did you use the tool (drawings…)