[Tech] The georb!

The georb by Global Haptics is an interesting interface meant for various purposes: 3D design, VR, web3D, animation, telemanipulation, gaming, or science and technology applications.

Our solution is a patented mapping of convex surfaces to 3D geometries through an integrated network of tactile sensors. The user controls 3D movement simply by touching the part of the Orb that maps to the desired direction. For example, if the user wants upward motion, the user touches the top of the Orb. To move right, the user touches the right side of the Orb, and so on. Rotations are controlled intuitively as well.

The geOrb is easily operated on the desktop or away from it. It doesn't need tracking equipment, even when it is held away from the desk.

The geOrb fits comfortably in one hand or two. Since it only relies on touch, there is no tugging, twisting, or pulling, required. Since there is no need for tracking, there is also no need to hold your hands out in any awkward or uncomfortable positions. That means greater comfort.