Access point Games and WiFi

Use Wi-Fi To Play Access Point Games is a column in extreme tech about using WiFi acces points in mobile games. That's actually what we do in CatchBob.

Briefly, the games described in this article are:
  1. Foxhunt—Find the hidden access point
  2. AP-Hunt—Discover the most access points in a set amount of time
  3. Treasure Hunt—Step through a planned route where each new discovery gives you a clue to the next destination
  4. Capture the Flag—Find all the "enemy" access points and return to base with your booty, a log file showing their locations
  5. Virtual Real-Space Tours—Bridge the digital and the real with location-aware content fed to visitors within a matrix of access points. (Not quite a game, but very entertaining!)

Why do I blog this? Clearly it's because I am trying to find ideas for CatchBob 2 with a more complex scenario (less spatial, more cognitively complex); the treasure hunt presented in this article sounds good. It's still to simple but it's a first step.