New Catch Bob scenario!

Scratchnotes taken in the train between Lausanne and Geneva:As we saw earlier today, there are some problems:

  1. the task is too simple
  2. our tool is not sufficiently used compared to how it can be used for this task
  3. ending condition frustrating and unpredictable
  4. not enough collaboration/negotiation/discussion


  1. new task: treasure hunt: players have to find the largest amount of objects which are mobiles (from the players' point of view; actually, we place juste 3 objects for each round and they all move only when one is captured)
  2. scenario: 1 round = find an object, players have to do a trianlge/web to capture it (roughly speaking, it's the triangle plyaers make in the current catchbob; a captured object appears on the screen); when captured, players has t find others. Doing the triangle around the object does not necessarily means that players see each other! They will re-discuss the strategy.
  3. there will be some conflicts in the first part when they will have to select which bob they want to head to.
  4. 30minutes for every groups

To be decided:

  1. performance: number of objects or shortest path on epfl or combination of both
  2. what is bob: fire/gas/monsters/...


  1. in terms of design, we already have all those objects
  2. the task is too simple: it's more complicated here because we create conflict that should be negotiated with the tool
  3. our tool is not sufficiently used compared to how it can be used for this task: the tool must be used
  4. ending condition frustrating and unpredictable: ending condition easier, more rewarding (the object appeared on the device)
  5. not enough collaboration/negotiation/discussion: more conflict here = negotiation