PLAN compiled notes/followup

I extracted from our PLAN running notes what can be useful to my research

  1. steve benford: interweaving physical and digital interaction (for instance mobile participants with online players) ; studying emerging tech in the wild (ethnographic methods)
  2. mathew chalmers (uni glasgow): geolocation tech limits -> how people can reveal those seams/limits/gaps so that people can find their own way to deal with them, seamful design. In CYSMN: runners experienced the seams between GPS and city streets (precise positioning in open areas, jittery positioning in the 'shadow' of buildings), then runners developed their own tactics to taje advantage of system errors! Players wait in areas of poor GPS and lure online players into the open areas. - People not only accommodate this, but exploit it. a variant of their game played at night with electrolumiscent panels on jacket sleeve (should show how many coins you're carrying). Variants - found wi fi doesnt go so far: Rain, Large objects - trucks, Leaves on trees
  3. matt adams: What is relation of place to meaning - especially when you are mobile? What can you make that is meaningful out of that process? locative media is a highly subjective experience, due to weather, differences in GPS signal etc.
  4. richard hull: look at their XML framework (in and out tag to trigger interactions)
  5. Annika Waern: Involving non-players in games: check how they evaluate what happen during their games
  6. duncan campbell: empirical study of location based service: positioning is accurate only in cities, apart from that it's somehow bullshit due to antenna/phone mast repartition
  7. anne galloway: i am interested in "Started mapping a landscape of all these words and practices: research, design, use, networks, processes" + "looking at play in the wireless city", her phd, what did she got from all her analysis
  8. lalya gaye: I would like to know more about their user-testing
  9. andrew wilson: lofi solutions to the problem of fixing location using posters, stickers, beer mats, sticks of rock

It was really nice to meet so many people there in this small amount of time. I thank Drew and Ben for the organisation. Anybody here knows who stole my socks?