About geosimulation

I might read this book: Geosimulation: Automata-based modeling of urban phenomena by Itzhak Benenson and Paul Torrens. Don't know whether it is highly technical or readable for nontech person like me.

Introduction to Urban GeosimulationFormalizing Geosimulation with Geographic Automata Systems (GAS) System Theory, Geography, and Urban Modeling Modeling Urban Land-Use with Cellular Automata Modeling Urban Dynamics with Multiagent Systems Finale: Epistemology of Geosimulation Bibliography Index

Why do I blog this? It may be great to have a computer model of spatial relations for my phd. I am wondering about the granularity of such geosimulation, more focused on big groups (because of geographical concerns). I am more concerned with small grousp acting in small portion of space. Besides, I don't code :(