Some facts about the use of i-mode

An interview of Kei-ichi Enoki (one of the driving forces behind the I-mode service from NTT DoCoMo) in CNET

people living in Tokyo, excluding executives, ride trains. But if you go outside Tokyo about 50 kilometers, everyone drives. Fifty percent of Japanese households have two cars. In that sense, nothing is different from America. Actually, people use I-mode more in these kinds of towns, so it's not the case that people only use I-mode during their commute. They use it in any spare time they have, waiting between meetings, etc. (...) In Japan, we want to come up with new services as well. So what we are very focused on right now is the 3G wideband CDMA and what is called the "purse" type of handset. This handset would serve to control all the gadgets or things we really have to use.

Q. You mean like a remote control?

A. Not in the sense of remote control, but this controls purchasing tickets for games, parking meters, buying things in convenience stores, entering your company.

And my favorite is certainly:

Q. How big of an impact do you think Wi-Fi will have on handsets? A. Well, we have a plan to incorporate Wi-Fi in our handsets. I think the issue is whether we will be able to get money through this Wi-Fi.