Today\'s Big Thing is... Google Map

Yet Another Map Interface (YAMI, well it sounds pretty gound) thanks to Google: It's a DHTML map interface with searching/zooming/panning capabilities. Here's what I've been pointed to after typing 'michael jackson' as a query: Why do I blog this? It definitely seems a nice move for Google to go into maps, very relevant to their search engine business (locating stuff is important and it's a good add-on to google local). Chris also pointed interesting comments about it (like the recurent problem in this kind of application: the missing scale!). He also shouts at europeans companies which should also release something! For that matter, Giles pointed on but it's not truly the same, it's more place/address related.

What strikes me with google is that they launch tons of services (all in beta version) like gmail, google local, orkut and so on (or either buy trendy stuff like blogger or picasa). Google seems to be an umbrella under which you can do whatever you want and get rid of your OS. Anyhow, the integration of all of these appears to be LOW. Some thinks that they should turn this into a portal with an unique ID (which is so true). As for me, I was thinking about another kind of application different than a browser that should incorporate all those services in one piece of software... sth like safari+ecto+netnewswire+iphoto+mail+... (well it's too mac-oriented here but you get the point). Apart from that, I am wondering whether google is a leader or a follower for all those apps...

Getting back to this google map, the guys from Monkey Method elaborated on this concept and came up with this potential layout.