Paper about ubiquitous computing examination in natural settings

Salembier, P., Kahn, J., Calvet, G., Zouinar, M. & Relieu, M.(2005). “Just follow me”. Examining the use of a multimodal mobile device in natural settings (.pdf). In Proceedings of the HCI International Conference, July 22-27, Las Vegas. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

This paper describes a method and a piece of equipment for capturing data about the use of a mobile multimodal device in natural settings . The equipment includes an instrument worn by the user to capture his or her perspective while moving, a means of capturing a wider view of the context and a multimodal data logger.

Why do I blog this? I already mentioned what this team does (here and here). Their methodology is pretty well thought, relying on various sources of information to capture what's happening on the field. The self-confrontation of the players to their interaction in various context is of relevant interest. I am looking forward to read more about the results. Besides, the tool they use to code the interaction looks promising.