Anne Galloway\'s comments about OPEN PLAN

At OPEN PLAN, anne galloway mentioned that she felt like being the only person coming fom social sciences attending the locative media event. She is indeed an anthropologist/ethnographer. As a cognitive psychogist, that is also something I can feel. Among all the discussions we attended, there seems to be some missing dimensions like what she is concerned with or even how those technologies modifies some group processes (in terms of social or socio-cognitive concerns for instance). In one of her recent post, she makes a brief summary of her thoughts. I just picked up her conclusion, which I find relevant:

in the end, I don't think that it's productive to talk about artists any more than it makes sense to treat all academics, corporate or government researchers as if they were the same. Clearly, we all share an equal ability and responsibility in keeping potential collaborations open and just, and this is no time to crush the diversity of cultures at hand.