France Telecom\'s journal of social software

French multinational France Telecom now has a very relevant blog about social software and digital communities: affinity. Few posts at the moment but it sounds promising.

Affinity is a journal of research, innovation and ideas in the emerging field of social software. Jointly written by Wanadoo, Orange and France Telecom R&D, we intend to coalesce France Telecom's expertise in digital communities and social software. We believe that the recent vibrancy of innovation around digital communities, social software, social media and digital identity is transforming what it means to be a telecommunications provider in the 21st century.

For France Telecom's consumer businesses, Orange and Wanadoo, social software represents a nexus of mobility and broadband, entertainment and communication that will help us to transform telecommunications from standards, networks and protocols, to conversations, relationships and a essential mediating Life Services.

Why do I blog this? Even though I know few folks at France Telecom (in France mostly), it's always tough to know what they are up to. This blog is a nice footpint about their activities in the domain of social software. I hope they could expand to broader topic like location-based services or multimodal interactions (I know they do lots of stuff about it lately).