A nice book about innovation and user-centric development

During my holidays I read a very relevant book (in french) about innovation and how to invent futuristic stuff: Fabriquer le futur : L'imaginaire au service de l'innovation by Pierre Musso, Laurent Ponthou, Éric Seulliet. The book is well connected to the France Telecom/Orange/Wanadoo galaxy (the preface is handled by France Telecom R&D boss), which is cool because as I already stated here it's difficult to get some information about this company does. It is a pity since I know that there is plenty of valuable research there. Back to the book, the authors offer a review about how the design of futuristic applications are carried out. They also advocates for more user-centric approaches. I won't go to much into the detail now because I don't have time for that. I will rather wait a bit and put my notes next week about it. Dunno whether I'll have enought time to write the notes in french or english. I'll see

Besides, one of the author also has a blog: e-mergence which offers a nice follow-up to the book.