Mobiles Games at 3GSM

The Feature provides an short and nicely done summary of the 3GSM event that happened in Cannes. Apart from the paris hilton hack and the absence of WiMax, the author makes this relevant comment:

People love to play games on their handsets, and maturing technology means the experience will only get richer and the games will get better. But two Silicon Valley-area companies are taking very different tracks: Digital Chocolate, founded by game industry veteran Trip Hawkins, is looking to take advantage of the functionality the mobile phone allows and create new games and experiences, while publisher Sorrent is looking to create mobile versions of well-known console brands. In the nascent mobile gaming space, the successful strategy remains to be seen.

Mike Masnick also discussed this issue. Why do I blog this? As I am interested in user-centric design, I am always wondering about how to push further mobile applications. And I have to admit that the most interesting path I see is to take advantage of mobile phone feature (voice call or location based services for instance) rather than transferring old application coming from old platforms. Although some users might be interested, the innovation in this case is a bit crappy. I find it way better to use cell phones functionalities or even playing with the drawbacks as Matthew Chalmers pointed out with his concept of 'seamful design' (.pdf).