Dial +33(0) 63 27 22 06 5 and the energy produced by your phone will be recycled!

This seems to be an appealing project: +33 (0) 63 27 22 06 5. If your dial +33(0) 63 27 22 06 5, the energy produced by your phone is going to be recycled! It's carried out by David Strebel. A banner is attached to a building. "Recyclez votre Appel +33 (0) 63 27 22 06 5" (Recycle your call) is printed on the banner. Several antennas are installed inside a room in the building. The antennas are able to register microwaves released by mobile phones.

On location several antennas had been installed to perceive interferences from telephone calls. A device had been constructed recycling the occuring interferences.

Therefore a optoelectronic relais, a mobil phone and a ventilator is placed under a cardbord box. The relais is connected by optical fibres to the LEDs of the antennas installed on the wall. A half cutted plastic bottle is sticked upside down into the cardboard box. In the bottleneck a feather had been placed to indicate the recycling of calls.