New blog about the future of marketing

After Future Now, IFTF came up with a new blog on the future of marketing: IFTF's future of marketing

Why are we creating a new blog on the future of marketing?

No, I'm not trying to become the Nick Denton of futures blogging. Okay, maybe I am, just a little bit. But there are bigger reasons for launching this new blog.

First, there are few professions or industries that are likely to be transformed as much by the trends the Institute has been following-- the growth of mobile communications; the rise of the geoweb; the coming of pervasive computing; and the merger of the digital and physical worlds, among others-- as marketing. Traditional marketing could be destroyed or radically reduced in scope, much as online travel sites have cut into the travel service industry. It might rearrange the balance of power between professionals and swarms of amateurs, as has happened with blogging and journalism. It could create a new, mirror-image world of advertising geniuses outside the traditional companies (think of the open source software movement). Or it might do something else entirely.

The purpose of The Future of Marketing is to chart what futures are possible for marketing, and to capture interesting experiments happening today that could point to important future practices. Spinning off our scan of marketing as a separate blog will also allow Future Now to concentrate more on emerging technologies and their social implications. Doubtless there will be some cross-posting between the two. One can only hope so.

From what I've read it's promising.