references about sketching interfaces

  • freehand drawing interfaces explored in 60s (light pens ) but failed, the mouse won
  • now tablets+ pda offer drawing tools: renewed interest towrds freehand drawing interfaces
  • especially used in design, architecture,a bit for military operations
  • support creative design but not so many work in coordination or field activities
  • general thoughts about sketching: V. Goel, Sketches of Thought, MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 1995. Robbins, E. (1994). Why Architects Draw. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Tversky, B. (2002). What do Sketches say about Thinking? AAAI Spring Symposium

    historical dimension: I. Sutherland. Sketchpad - a Graphical Man-Machine Interface [Ph.D. Dissertation]. M.I.T., 1963.

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