Research meeting

Today at the lab, we had a meeting with Jean-Baptiste Haué. The project we might carry out with him is about how people maintain a representaiton of their partners' intents while collaborating. His work is very interesting, mostly ethnographically oriented (french ergonomics/HCI researcher are mostly into this area); he collaborated with EDF and Nissan plus some neat lab in the US. I am looking forward discovering more how he analysed his data (some fruitful tools were shown during the presentation). One of his publications I've put on my reading list: McCall, J.C.; Achler, O.; Trivedi, M.M.; Haue, J.-B.; Fastrez, P.; Forster, D.; Hollan, J.D.; Boer, E. (2004) "A Collaborative Approach for Human -Centered Driver Assistance Systems",, IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems