Impromptu meeting with stefano

I had a very enthusiastic meeting with stefano (impromptu and 300Mb worth I would say). Apart from updating me on his future projects, we had a look at some of my data. The most interesting thing (so far) is that the absence of the location awareness tool enhances the number of messages the participants sent (the total number of messages, the position/direction/strategical messages). What is striking: with a less informative media (without the awareness tool), they sent more messages (coordination keys would say Herbert Clark): they not only sent messages about their position but also about their direction as well as strategical information. That means that the users anticipated something: they had to send more information otherwise the space of interpretation for the others would be too small. That's why they sent messages about their direction + strategy: the others can then better decice what to do. From Sperber and Wilson points of view, it's all about relevance: participans picked up and sent facts that they perceived as relevant for the task/their purposes!