Military hardware

Last week, in a post about the PS2 pad used to send missiles I said " military material is normally way ahead video games ". This statement seemed to raise eyebrowses. Some said that it was the opposite. Maybe I was misunderstood, the point is that I perceived military hardware or material to be ahead, and not the usage. Militaries have indeed money to try different stuff, sometimes it works (gps, networks...) and sometimes not (4bit processors in radar systems,punch cards? ). Armies (mostly in the US have money to try out lots of projects then... the usage is a different topic. And here comes the video game developers who hack the technologies and turn then into something new. And what is interesting here is that the army is more and more paying attention to the bleeding edge: video games. It seems that it's less difficult for the army to develop hardware and devices (they do have to deal with so much marketing issues if it's public, they throw prototypes and... “The street finds its own uses for things” (william gibson)