Dartfish, Logitech, Swissquote and co.

Yesterday I read this book: DARTFISH, LOGITECH, SWISSQUOTE ET CO. «Les transformeurs IT, les nouveaux acteurs du changement» by Xavier Comtesse and other people. It's about innovation, startup experiences in Switzerland. It's very easy to read. The claim of the author is that Switzerland has a powerful R&D but it often failed at turning this into concrete outcome/experiences/products/success stories. The most interesting part of the book presents various companies with different experiences, ranging from successfull startups (Dartfish, Swissquote) to state-owned elephant (swisscom and ascom who failed becoming telco giants) or big bluchip (logitech which works pretty good). They also advocate for the advent of a new type of company they called "transformers" that do not try to replicate already existing business (like selling books online) but innovate in creating a new end-user experience. Another relevant point is their willingness to put forward the notion of "end-user innovation" which does not seem so obvious to swiss engineer much more focused on designing nice and precise solutions for specific problems (but not so targeted to end-users). They then advocate for more marketing and user-centric innovation.

Nice book to understand more about the innovation topic in Switzerland :) Summary here (thanks hannes).