Awareness box: a camera that does not take picture

The Awareness Box is an art project by Alain Bublex (funded by Samsung). It's about designing a camera that does not record images. As the artists claims:

At the beginning, this project considered the result: the photographic image; then, evolved to center exclusively on the act of taking pictures. The act of taking pictures is about observation and awareness of one surroundings. As such, the object that I intend to conceive to heighten one awareness and attention should not be considered a camera at all, but is a new type of product, an electronic product that helps one observe better. My new product can be considered an "Awareness Box". I notice that in my case, as in the case of many photo enthusiasts, I take many pictures but rarely look at them afterwards. (it is the same case with video, which I watch even less frequently. As an artist, I also use photography in my work, and there again, I take many more pictures than I print or enlarge afterwards. I then asked myself the following questions: Why do I continue to take new pictures? If I continue to photograph, it is perhaps precisely for this reason, because it obliges me to go 'there' (...) Therefore I naturally imagined an electronic object specifically conceived for this use : an Awareness Box that allows you to capture an image once in presence of the subject, but without recording it, since this is unnecessary. (...)Why do we take so many pictures, is it to produce images or is it because it forces us to go somewhere. .. what is really important for us, the images, or simply observing the world?