Visklek: exploration of the Chinese Whispers concept

Visklek is a project carried ou by the Interactive Institute in Sweden.

The Chinese Whispers (visklek in Swedish) is a game that you might have played as a child. At [] the game takes a new form - instead of sitting in a circle and whispering a word to someone sitting next to you, we have used answering machines, a web page and occasional actions in public spaces to create a game between different places and people. By one single phone call the participants can play the Chinese Whispers. They can also create a new game by calling another phone number and adding a story of their own for others to play with.

We have created a platform for the exchange of personal stories which, as they meet other participants, are reinterpreted, misunderstood, laughed at or create disturbance. These chains of whispers between people and places are available at []. At the site anyone can follow your own or other people’s stories change with time, by browsing through old messages or by listening to the game in real time.