Reverse engineering on search engine uses

IC agency, a geneva-based internet agency is focused on competitive intelligence as well as gaining a better understanding of what customer wants. Their point is to provide their clients with "creative insight and technical expertise in integrating autonomous online and offline marketing strategies". They recently released a world watch report in which they show today's trfends by monitoring customer inquiries and behaviors. Accessing those data allowed them to "track developments which can impact the competitive advantage of your own patents and trademarks". This is an intreresting approach that might effectively used in forecasting and customer/user analysis. Their study is focused on 12 prestigious brands on 5 markets, based on a comprehensive study of 25 million searches. The one available is about the luxury watch market (it's Switzerland yes).I would be interested to expand this methodology or adopt it for my needs, especially in the domain of location-based services. But how do they access the data????