Use a mannequin hand to get a Nintendo DS!

A weird contest ran by Nintendo: Give Me a Hand. The point is to personify that touching is good, by incorporating a spooky detached mannequin hand!

What do you like to touch? Sand, silk, snot? Ever notice how real life can sometimes look like a game? Grab a camera (and a mannequin hand), create something cool and enter our contest. Who knows, you might even make it into the Gallery.

Plus, we'll pick a few of the best and send them a Nintendo DS or... some cold hard cash... which feels real good when you touch it. e

very creepy and odd! The best thing is that you can even ask Nintendo and they give you one (this is for people like me who does not have a spare mannequin hand in my backpack!).

Don't have a mannequin hand laying around to use in your pictures and videos? We had a couple thousand ourselves, but you guys cleaned us out! We'll see if we can get more, but in the meantime...

You don't need to start tearing the hands off the poor mannequins at your local department store, there's a much better way to get yourself a hand. Just click on the icon [No I put the gzip hand here] below to download your very own digital hand. Then all you have to do is print it, cut it out, and start touching.