Nabaztag: a WiFi rabbit as awareness tool

Nabaztag is a WiFi rabbit designed by Violet (a company focused on the design of products and services based on calm and emotional technologies). This rabbit can access the Internet. The most interesting part is that the colors change deppending on various parameters: the weather, car traffic or reception of emails. There is also different sounds as well as ear movement modified by those variables! It can also communicate with other rabbit located elsewhere thanks to a coded language you can create (like: a specific posiiton of the ear to show that you're busy...). 95 euros! It's designed by the same team who did the cool DAL, a wireless light that emits emotion via Wifi connection to the internet. I like this approach, calm technology is something of interest. I am wondering whether they make user experience analysis to understand more the usage of such device! This french company rocks. I strongly believe in this stuff. My concern is how to make user understanding the different kinds of information. How do they get it? Are there already any hacks or tricks (well the interaction is pretty low since it's not intended to offer lots of interaction but since it's wifi enabled there must be some tricks ;) ). I hope there next device will offer device-to-device interactions (with copresent rabbits). I imagine crazy scenarios with this.