Paper in Psychnology about socio-cognitive functions of space

My literature review about the socio-cognitive functions of space has been accepted for a special issue of Psychnology about Space, Place and Technology. The paper is entitled "A Review of How Space Affords Socio-Cognitive Processes during Collaboration". Here is the abstract:

This paper reviews the literature about social and cognitive functions of spatial features used when collaborating in both physical and virtual settings. Those concepts come from various fields like social, cognitive as well as environmental psychology or CSCW (Computer Supported Collaborative Work). We briefly summarize the social and cognitive affordances of spatial features like distance, proxemics, co-presence, visibility or activity in the context of physical and virtual space. This review aims at grounding in an explicit framework the way human beings use space to support social interactions. This review can be used as a starting point to design efficient applications that take spatial context into account.

It will be online in few weeks I guess.