A compelling fingerprint maze

A very nice and calm project by David Lu, Amy Franceschini and Michael Swaine: Fingerprint maze. The point of this installation is to let one wander through a 3D labyrinth made from one's own scanned fingerprint. They use this hand crafted fingerprint scanner: This is how it works:

The scanned fingerprint is saved to another computer running the Fingerprint Maze game. An OS X application, written in C++ and OpenGL, picks up fingerprint files and renders them in 3D. For each dark pixel it finds in the image, it places a translucent cube in virtual space. The labyrinth can be navigated from above, or explored at ground level, as seen here. What we made is something between copy machine art and generative architecture. At left is what resulted when Amy kissed the surface of the scanner. I saw this project as an opportunity to encourage reflection about fingerprinting and identity, which are very interesting issues in the current political climate, in a very neutral, understated way—a non traditional, non-violent video game.