Some people are wondering about the name of this blog, some others are going further, trying to think about which blog title might be the best (descriptive blog name, named after the author, something linked to the subject or off-the wall like here). Maybe it's time to tell you the story of this blog's name. Actually I did not think about it myself. It's more related to my weird foods habits: I used to cook some pasta with vinegar (+ tuna). At that time, my italian roomate/colleague Mauro Cherubini was so scared that he ended up running around in our former flat praising the Lord about this bloody french eating his country's pasta with aceto (i.e. italien for vinegar). Then it struck a chord. I was certainly not about to quit my odd food habit. However it reminded me the content of this blog: both serious stuff (about human-computer interaction, user expirience, locative media, tech stuff, futuristic trend, innovation) and weird things (about digital culture, street art, pictures, crazy toys or things...).

So that's the story I think the title matched pretty well the content of the blog... Sometimes I a bit pissed by this mix and I want to create different blog about each of the topics but I feel like it's funny like that. I am just wondering about how people make sense of all this mess.

On a personal note, it's a long time I have not cook pasta with vinegar.