Yes it\'s called \"Leaky Feeders\"

The most interesting part of the exhibit is all the artifacts presented there. The point of this show is to explain to clarify the infrastructure of mobile telephony, explaining to people what are the 'backbones' and the functions of all the devices (from the phone mass to the cell phone as well as radio waves). I am not so much a technofreak with regard to infrastructure concerns (for instance I do not really care about otpic fibers, servers or computer chips). However sometimes it's refreshing to see our technology works. And on which concrete artifacts mobile services rely on. For instance, it's the first time I see this: Also known as "leaky feeders", those antennas are radiating cables intented to improve covergae in confined spaces such as roads; railway tunnels or car parks. They covers frequencies including GSM 900/1800, UMTS, energency services and FM broadcast (no tv :( ).