Studying people's movements in space

I am currently trying to find a relevant method to explicit CatchBob's players strategies (i.e. their movement on the campus, how they spread and explore various places). From my cognitive sciences course, I don't have so much about it apart from experiment with rats in watermaze. For that matter Morris' maze is interesting: a subject is tracked while it attempts to escape onto a platform in a swimming pool (Morris, 1981). In my experiment, I have 3 subjects and they are not in a watermaze, but a campus. I found this interesting software that helps researchers to analyse their data. They get results like:

I also like a lot the representation with all the paths, so that we can compare:

My interest is to move forward from this kind of representation to something more descriptive, with just relevant points. Like for instance, there are two kind of strategies: exploring vertically/horizontally. It's then amatter of finding constant design patterns into groups' strategies.