Nouse: Use your nose as a joystick or mouse

"Nouse” use your nose as a joystick or mouse is an interesting project about alternative interaction carried out by D.O. Gorodnichy , S. Malik , G. Roth at the Computational Video Group, IIT, National Research Council, Ottawa.

Nouse stands for “Use your nose as a mouse” and is the name of the technology which allows one to operate the computer with the motion of his/her nose. (...)It is based on tracking the so-called convex-shape nose feature, which is the extremum of a convex surface of the nose tip. Thus defined nose feature is rotation and scale invariant, it is seen at all times regardless of the face orientation. It also can be tracked with the sub-pixel precision guaranteed, and as such it makes it possible to operate with your nose as with a mouse (or a pen) or a joystick (or a pointer).

A video (avi) here.