BattleBoard 3D: an augmented reality game with LEGO

BattleBoard 3D (BB3D) is a simple augmented reality game prototype conducted by Sune Kristense, Bjørn W. Nielsen, Troels Lange at interactivespaces

The original source of inspiration for the BB3D project was a sequence in the movie Star Wars Episode IV where two characters are playing a game of chess. The different pieces of the chess game are alive, moving and making comments of the game, and when a strike is executed a battle between the actual pieces are shown on the field of the board. The vision with the BB3D prototype was to make this scenario come through outside the world of fiction film in the actual settings of traditional board game playing. Physical pieces are dismantled and recombined to invoke a battlePhysical pieces are dismantled and recombined to invoke a battle

In BB3D the physical pieces are associated with animations which show the virtual representation of pieces and the outcome of occasional battles. This kind of augmentation provokes new ways to interact with computers, which enables the user/player to maintain the same kind of interaction as known from classical board games – the interaction is purely based on physical interaction. (...) Through VR goggles enhanced with a Web cam or with a Web cam and a display, the player can experience the battles in the virtual world. The game is played on a six times seven squared board and each player starts with seven pieces. (...) The construction theme in LEGO gives the possibility of combining pieces to create a new unique pattern which invokes the battles between pieces. This is done by breaking off the halves of the pieces carrying information and assembling new halves again. Future research may be to support players to build their own physical pieces in LEGO and thereby defining their own unique markers and to utilize a different kind of goggle to minimize the fumbling when moving pieces.

Why do I blog this?I like this idea of mixing augmented reality and physical pieces of LEGO!