LaCoMoCo: Laboratory for Context-dependent Mobile Communication

Laboratory for Context-dependent Mobile Communication:

Context-dependent Mobile Communication is a strategic research theme at the IT University of Copenhagen. It consists of research activities within a value chain ranging from social and cultural implications of mobile communication to the technological infrastructure needed to make context-dependent mobile communication a reality. A key difference to other research on mobile computing is the incorporation of "context," that is, information that characterizes a situation related to the interaction between users, applications, and the surrounding environment.

They also work on gaming:

This project will do applied research on the area of location-based gaming. Starting from a survey of the current status of the area, we will identify the key theoretical concepts to be explored, as well as get involved in the development of a location-based gaming platform, where we will be able to carry out game concepts from the idea phase to gameplay implementation and testing. Our research will focus on exploring new directions in game design and game development, testing design methodology questions, investigating the special features of space as a layer upon reality (superposition of virtual space on real space), and studying how the threshold between real space and game space can be shaken and problematized. The location-based gaming platform to be developed will provide a number of services to game developers, and we will use it to implement several location-based games