Last week trip in Paris summary

Last week I had the chance to visit few labs in paris, France. I gave few talks presenting CatchBob! and the results we are getting. I received interesting feedbacks from the persons I met both from academics labs and private companies (mostly a telecom company, a video game editor and an electricity company). Thanks all :) My slides are here.

Few random notes: - Saadi: my stuff is about augmenting the representation instead of augmenting the environment. "what is amazing is that the augmentation should help users but it's not the case": NOT EVERY AUGMENTATION IS USEFUL. It would be great to formalize it, great for? - jim hollan: might be interesting to investigate the ambiguity of the positioning (what we thought about having an awareness tool with a lower accuracy) + he advised me to look at what they did about Active Campus. - IPSI: they wondered about the use of very accurate positioning but it turned out that it was tremendously difficult for ALL the users to have the positioning feature working. So users stopped using the tool. That is why they designed something simpler and that take into account the possibility of not having everybody with the location awareness tool.