GhostRadar: a ghostbuster handheld device + collaborative cartography

Seen in the TIME:

a Japanese gadget company has designed the very thing for you — the world’s first portable ghost radar. The device, which fits neatly into a pocket, promises to alert its owners to the presence of eight different types of spectre, from “lost souls” to “evil spirits”.

Using a variety of carefully calibrated sensors — one of which claims to detect human fear — the machine will then inform users whether the ghost is malevolent or benign.

It's designed by a japanese company called Solid Alliance, this Ghost radar The interface is pretty rough on the website screenshots, here is an example of how the radar displays the haunted areas: There seems to be a collaborative cartography project as well: the website depicts plenty of maps with what I expect to be haunted places. I like the Time's point:

Solid Alliance, the technology company that makes the gadget, has worked closely throughout the design process with GRX, a virtual study group that investigates “paranormal symptoms”. The same group is now collating a giant online database of what the first users of the radar have found.

It's cool to have paranormal users groups to run specific end-user studies!