Catchbob analysis update

An update about how I am analyzing the data, from a temporal perspective:- divide each game in 3 parts: 'foraging the campus', 'joining the others', 'forming the triangle'. The end of the first part is when a player warns the other that he found the zone. the end of the second part if when all the players are within a certain area and begin to form the triangle. - for each part, calculate the number of messages (which type), the number of refresh, of disconnections, graphically represent the different category of path taken by the players. Chi-squared this to check the repartition of all those indexes! - for each part, ask the question: at that point is there a control of the environement (does the environment affords a behavior) or of the partners (explicit messages). - how does the leadership evolve during all those parts? (+ the strategy planning phase)

Other things: - calculate the number of pauses (no messages, no movements) - use the number of disconnections: could imply strategy modifications! - how players obeyed to orders!!!!!! - for each part, define the roles (caller, explorer...), look at the backtracking and overlap for each roles.

In the analyis, use: - Sperber and Wilson: participants wrote information they estimated to be relevant for them and their partners. - Kirsh + Kirsh and Maglio (Tetris): low-level information matters