Student needed: diploma or semester project

For CatchBob! we need interns or students! Here is the project:Development of a mobile game replay tool

The project consists in developing a tool to replay sessions of interactions with a mobile game called CatchBob!. This game is an experimental platform in the form of a collaborative mobile application for running psychological experiments. In our lab, we are indeed interested in studying how people use mobile devices to carry out collaborative activities.

In this context, a replay tool is a piece of software that displays all the actions undertaken by the players. Such a tool is intended to rebuild and enrich our comprehension of how users performed the activity and to elicit their social and spatial behavior. This visual information might be used both by the researchers (to better understand what happen and compute statistics about it) and the players (to offer a visual support in order to explain the researchers what happened).

Example of the replay tool we have so far: path + time are represented + logfile at the bottom.

The project will both address the visualization of interactions as well as the computation of various indexes.

Keywords: teamwork analysis, design of a visual grammar, dynamic image generation, visualization of qualitative Information.

Technologies: Java, XML, SVG


Contact: Please email Nicolas Nova (nicolas(dot) to set-up an interview. Please include information on the courses you have taken and projects you have done in the past.