Cool workshop: “Abuse: the darker side of human-computer interaction”

This workshop for Interact 2005 sounds great! “Abuse: the darker side of human-computer interaction” (on a personal note, they use this nice picture that I also took in Roma):

Computers are often the subject of our wrath and often, we feel, with good reason. There seems to be something intrinsic to this medium which brings out the darker side of human nature. This may be due to the computer complexity which induces errors and frustrations in the user (bad interface design), to the human tendency to respond socially to computers (media equation), or to a disinhibition effect induced by the interaction with a different form of information processor, perceived as inferior (master/slave relationship).

As software is evolving from the tool metaphor to the agent one, understanding the role of abusive behaviour in HCI and its effect on the task-at-hand becomes increasingly important.

Relevant topics include but are not limited to * determinants and correlates of end user frustration * emotional reactions to computing technology * emotional interfaces – how to deal with negative emotions * conversational agents and abusive language * conflict resolution in face-to-face communication and CMC * flaming and disinhibition in HCI and CMC * art on the edge * relationship of the virtual and the real, the literal and metaphor * outing, passing, hiding, covering -- how are agents designed to seem "normal" and what are the assumptions about "being human" that inform design?

Why do I blog this? I find this topic compelling, it seems to be a natural attitude to bullshit to IM agents for instance. Are there any studies about such kind of behavior? Or people trying to "social engineer" virtual agents to get benefits?